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👋🏻 You’ve found the Musk and Meta-free personal site belonging to Darnielle, a nostalgic & narcissistic Millennial with ADHD who somehow managed to keep a hobby going for almost 30 years.

This is my tribute to the “old web”, a time before capitalism got its sticky fingers on the internet and turned it into the hellscape it has become. No ads, no sponsored content, no minimalism, no deliberate rage baiting and reply trolls. Just fun with code and content!

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Latest Updates

Journal and log updates are not included here as they are (semi)daily.

🗓️ 27 Feb 24

I have been slacking with updates here. My health is a major distraction, and I’ve also just started a new job so updates will be sparse for a while. Hopefully not for months until something breaks, like last time. 🤞🏻

🗓️ 14 Feb 24

Answered an Ask Me Anything question. Plz tell me who you are!

🗓️ 13 Feb 24

I published a new blog entry: The Millennial Experience, Explained (Kinda).

🗓️ 6 Feb 24

I wrote a note about the current New Zealand government’s racist bullshit and my personal connection to the issue: Fuck Your Racism to “Better the Economy”.

🗓️ 1 Feb 24

I wrote a note about Dutch employment law screwing me over: When “Good” Employment Law Isn’t So Good…

🗓️ 31 Jan 24

I published a new blog entry: I’m Scared of the Small Web.

🗓️ 29 Jan 24

I’m back! The broken grid CSS on the last version of the website annoyed me so much that I did a full recode, turned it into a WordPress theme and made things much much easier for myself in terms of updating. Why WordPress? I covered that in the FAQ.