About Me

As a chronically online oversharer, I firmly believe in having a fully stacked About Me section on one's personal website. If this is somehow not enough content about yours truly, you could also check out my Journal for (semi)daily life updates and other self-indulgent bullshit.


Life Events

A timeline of the big ✨life-changing✨ events over the course of my life which helped to shape who I am!

1987 👨‍👩‍👧 I was born in Whangarei, New Zealand to two kick-ass parents.
1989 🚚 We moved from Whangarei to Rotorua.
1991 👶🏻 My little sister was born.
1991 👵🏻 My grandmother, who was extra special to me, passed away.
1992 🏫 I started school.
1993 🚚 We moved back to Whangarei from Rotorua.
1995 😡 My godfather, who was also extra special to me, is the victim of a hate crime for being gay.
1996 🐮 We moved from the suburbs to the country.
1996 🐾 We adopted Cosby, my heart dog.
1997 🖥 We became a computer household, and I discovered web design and development.
1999 💏 I got my first “boyfriend”.
1999 🔪 My interest in criminal psychology began.
2000 🧠 I was officially diagnosed with major depressive disorder.
2000 🏫 I started high school.
2001 🦶 I became the “Lord of the Rings” girl at school.
2001 🏳‍🌈 I come out as bisexual and literally no one seems to care. 😂
2002 💏 I got my first ~real~ boyfriend.
2003 🚛 We moved from Whangarei to Te Awamutu.
2004 🚫 I dropped out of high school due to bullying and terrible mental health.
2005 🧠 I am cleared of major depressive disorder.
2005 🏪 I got my first job as a checkout operator.
2006 ⚕ I am diagnosed with my first chronic illness, ME/CFS.
2007 💏 I started dating my husband, Sam.
2007 🧳 I moved out of home and back to the suburbs in Hamilton.
2008 🏫 I started university.
2011 🐀 We adopted our first pair of rats.
2012 👩🏻‍🎓 I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree.
2014 👩🏻‍🎓 I graduated with my Postgraduate diploma.
2015 💒 Sam and I got married.
2016 🛬 We moved to the Netherlands.
2018 🏡 We bought a house.
2019 🐾 We adopted Moose.
2020 😷 The pandemic began and my health took a huge dip.
2021 🐾 We adopted Caribou.
2022 🧠 I was diagnosed with ADHD.