About Me

As a chronically online oversharer, I firmly believe in having a fully stacked About Me section on one's personal website. If this is somehow not enough content about yours truly, you could also check out my Journal for (semi)daily life updates and other self-indulgent bullshit.


My Manifesto

These are the ten most important values and beliefs I have and choose to live by. This was a really fun and thought-provoking exercise that I recommend everyone does. It’s always great to know exactly where you stand!

  1. Embrace cringe. Life is too short to feel embarrassed about shit that doesn’t matter in the slightest.
  2. I am my own moral compass. I do not need religion to tell me how to behave like a decent person, and I truly believe that those who do are one crisis of faith away from disaster.
  3. I can only control my own behaviour. The actions of others, while sometimes upsetting and inconvenient for me, are not my concern.
  4. Freedom is that it’s something that should be afforded to everyone. If your freedom impinges on the freedom of someone else, it’s not freedom. It’s bullshit.
  5. If public safety is not at risk, an individual’s personal choices are none of my (or your) fuckin’ business.
  6. Never blindly follow a cause without criticism and reflection. Reject black-and-white thinking from neurotypicals.
  7. Although I know it’s mostly the fault of corporations and the government, I am responsible for how much I contribute to climate change. I must keep that contribution as low as feasibly possible.
  8. “Cancel culture” should be reserved only for those whose behaviour wasn’t widely acceptable or tolerated at the time it happened. Context is key and second chances are free.
  9. Never get comfortable with the level of knowledge you have. Always strive to keep learning and growing. If you’re not learning, you’re not living.
  10. Anyone who has a problem with me is the one with the problem. I am simply existing as I wish to exist. My life is for me, not them.