About Me

As a chronically online oversharer, I firmly believe in having a fully stacked About Me section on one's personal website. If this is somehow not enough content about yours truly, you could also check out my Journal for (semi)daily life updates and other self-indulgent bullshit.


Who I Am

I have to admit that, as a psychology graduate, I don’t put much stock in personality tests and quizzes. They’re fun and I appreciate the value they have as a tool to get you thinking more about who you are as a person, but it’s silly to think people can actually be boiled down to a handful of different personality archetypes.

So, although I have listed the results from my personality tests (and my birth chart for the astrologically-inclined readers) here, I wanted to make this page a proper reflection of me! So, here are what I believe to be my most prominent personality traits, ordered randomly but probably subconsciously by how often I see them in myself.


I am ~different~. Not in a quirky, endearing way or a rebellious kind of way, but in an uncomplicated, “this is just who I am” way. I like what I like. I don’t like what I don’t like. I think the way I think. I do things the way I do them. Some things about me are completely “normal”, but other things have a tendency to confuse the shit out of people who had a specific idea of who I am in mind.


I make the point not to close myself off to anyone or experiences that can help me understand myself and others. This trait means I tend to struggle with black-and-white, left or right-type people, but I will always still try to understand where they are coming from and look at how their views might match my own. Inclusivity is very important to me.


I am a people-pleaser and will often be preoccupied with making sure others feel comfortable and not inconvenienced by me. I also care deeply about others, even if I do not know them. I have a strong sense of justice and can’t stand seeing others being taken advantage of or bullied unless they have done something to deserve it.


This trait has actually started easing off since I started treatment for ADHD, but I still include it because it was definitely a major trait for most of my life! I’m prone to stress, anxiety, and a little bit of depression from time to time. I also have trouble controlling my emotional impulses, and anger is a dominant emotion for me.


Related to being neurotic, I have absolutely zero chill. I find it incredibly difficult to relax, and even when it looks like I’m being a lazy bitch to others, I am constantly thinking about what I should/could be doing. This is likely also related to my ADHD, but definitely something defining for me.


Being prone to mood swings, I lack a great deal of control over how I present in social situations. This means that I could present as either an extrovert or an introvert in any given situation, and the situation doesn’t necessarily matter. It’s usually my mood that dictates whether you’ll get bubbly, social me or “please fuck off and leave me alone” me.


I am happiest when I’m using my brain (or doing something that turns it off completely). I love learning new things, sharing what I already know, having deep conversations, and non-fiction reading. I’m also the type of person who will immediately look something up if a question is posed and I don’t know the answer.


Although I have been working on this one after losing too many friends through arguments about silly things that don’t actually matter, I have a bad habit of correcting people and I’ve been told that I can come off as condescending. It’s not that I think I know better than anyone, it’s that I want to make sure they have the correct information!

Good Sense of Humour

I can find the humour in just about anything. This means I can generally appreciate any form of comedy, but it also means I can sometimes laugh at really inappropriate things. I also don’t generally have a problem with jokes about sensitive topics, but I can understand why they’d be problematic so I definitely “read the room” before sharing them.


I feel my emotions super deeply, so if I care about something, I REALLY care about it. I express myself with passion and intensity. I hyperfixate on things, and can sometimes become obnoxious about things I like (and dislike, unfortunately!). I wouldn’t say I force myself on people (because I don’t want to upset anyone), but I do sometimes come on very strong.


Although I love to clean and play around with things like planners and other organisational tools, I am a messy and unorganised bitch. I can’t keep a space clean to save my life, and nothing ever stays in the place I intend it to. Thankfully, my husband doesn’t seem to notice (or care about) my mess, so I don’t feel as bad about it as I should.


Although everything always takes me a lot longer than I ever intended it to due to my disabilities, I will stick with almost everything (without a deadline attached) I’ve started until it is completed. This includes life. Giving up is and will never be an option, no matter how mentally ill I might ever become.


Despite being an emotional and caring person, I’m not traditionally affectionate in the way you’d expect. While I don’t explicitly hate or reject nice gestures, compliments, and physical expressions of fondness, I don’t instinctually do any of those things to express my love for someone and I’m not bothered if my loved ones don’t do these things for me.


This is a trait I have developed a lot more recently, so it might not be innate to my personality, but I pride myself on being upfront and honest, respecting others, and taking responsibility for my actions. I also have a strong moral code and have a hard time letting others down even when it’s necessary.


Until recently, my understanding of what creativity is was closely tied with artistic skill (of which I have none), so I never really considered myself a creative person. But I am! Not only do I have creative problem-solving skills, I am also always working on something, be it websites, graphics, paper crafts, diamond painting, etc.


It may already be obvious from the way I’ve spoken about myself in the previous traits, but I am very hard on myself and will sometimes focus too hard on my shortcomings rather than all the good things I bring to the table. Although I am always aware of the good things, the bad things seem to take priority in my mind.


Although I mind my manners when I need to out of respect for others, I am definitely not a refined kind of person. I am loud, have a potty mouth, and don’t care too much about the way I look. I also don’t see what’s so wrong with burping and farting around others. They’re natural bodily functions, damnit!

Aesthetically Simple

I’m not a minimalist by any stretch of the imagination because I love ~stuff~, but I do have a preference for basic (and cheap!) stuff. I’m more of a function-over-form type and I also tend to favour plain (but still strong!) flavours like salt and pepper, vanilla, unflavoured coffee, condiment-free foods, etc.

Music Oriented

I am unfortunately not musically inclined (which would be a way cooler trait to have) nor do I have any real interest in the technical side of it all, but I do consider music to be a physiological need. It’s my biggest (non-medicinal) source of dopamine and helps me get through the day.

Sensation Seeking… kinda

I love novel and intense experiences that drop a fat load of dopamine on my receptors, but not quite in the same way as an adrenaline junkie. My neuroticism makes me acutely aware of what could harm myself or others, so I am aware of risk and there’s definitely a limit to what I will do in pursuit of a thrill.

My Test Results


Tropical Birth Chart

Sun ☉ Taurus / Moon ☾ Leo / Rising ↑ Scorpio / Mercury ☿ Taurus / Venus ♀ Aries / Mars ♂ Gemini / Jupiter ♃ Aries / Saturn ♄ Sagittarius / Uranus ♅ Sagittarius / Neptune ♆ Capricorn / Pluto ♇ Scorpio / Chiron ⚷ Gemini / N Node ☊ Aries

Sidereal Birth Chart

Sun ☉ Aries / Moon ☾ Cancer / Rising ↑ Libra / Mercury ☿ Aries / Venus ♀ Pisces / Mars ♂ Taurus / Jupiter ♃ Pisces / Saturn ♄ Scorpio / Uranus ♅ Scorpio / Neptune ♆ Sagittarius / Pluto ♇ Libra / Chiron ⚷ Taurus / N Node ☊ Pisces

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