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Last updated: 25th May 2023 @ 9:33 pm

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Answered Questions

  • Someone asked:
    Are you actually diagnosed with ADHD?
    • Darnielle answered:

      Big oof! I can take a guess at why you're asking this and I was considering not answering because it's not really any of your business. But because I am currently working on a blog entry about it and it'll be clear by then that, yes, I have been "actually diagnosed", the answer is yes. I was diagnosed in November 2022.

      But even if I wasn't, what's it to you? Do you think people saying they have ADHD when they don't is a trend or some shit? Very few people like me and my having ADHD isn't going to change that. I would get zero benefits from saying I have ADHD without actually having it. Hell, I'm not even sure I get many social benefits from actually having it.

      Self-diagnosing neurodivergence is different from self-diagnosing a medical or mental health condition. Neurodivergence is just who you are. Sometimes it can be dysfunctional (according to the standards of society), so it needs to be treated/managed, but otherwise, it's simply a difference in the way the brain processes things. An official diagnosis is only necessary if you need access to treatment and accommodations.

      If you were asking about whether I was actually diagnosed with my chronic illnesses, then maybe you'd have a point... but you don't here. I really hope you stop asking people this question from here on out.