These are longer posts I've put a little bit of effort into on topics I'm passionate or otherwise knowledgeable about. Looking for more personal entries about me and my life? Try the Journal. How about quick and dirty reads? Notes might be for you. I also write about chronic illness & ADHD over at Brokedown Body, Moshpit Mind.

I Write About...

Being an immigrant from New Zealand living in the Netherlands, a few of the social sciences, this place we call the internet, all of the entertainment I consume, things I make & do, the adventures I go on, stuff for the body and stuff for the mind, amongst other things.

Posts in For the Mind

The Millennial Experience, Explained (Kinda)

Something I see a lot of on the internet is Millennials lamenting all of the “unprecedented events” we’ve been through with Gen X and Gen Zers in the comments saying “We went through the same things!”. Which, yes, a lot of them did. Gen X also went through more. But here’s where I think it […]

4 min read

You’re Wrong About: Centrism

29 Jan 2024

Although it’s reasonable to assume that I am left-leaning when it comes to politics because I am especially passionate about human rights, climate change and the importance of considering others who we share society with, I’m more accurately what is called a “radical centrist”. I know that this means different things to different people, depending […]

10 min read