Concert Log


Live music is probably the one thing that brings me the most joy in life. I don’t get to go to that many gigs because of my health and although my disabilities stop me from participating fully, the energy of a crowd enjoying the same music as me is pure bliss. This page is to keep track of all the concerts I’ve been to since I started going to them.

Five (May 2000) in Auckland 🇳🇿 with my cousin.
Idolised ’04 (July 2004) in Hamilton 🇳🇿 with my high school bestie.
48May (June 2005) in Hamilton 🇳🇿 by myself.
HIM (March 2006) in Auckland 🇳🇿 with my sister and an internet friend.
Panic! at the Disco & 48May (October 2006) in Auckland 🇳🇿 with my boyfriend at the time.
Marilyn Manson (October 2007) in Auckland 🇳🇿 with my now husband.
Devin Townsend (March 2010) in Auckland 🇳🇿 with my now husband.
Katy Perry (May 2011) in Auckland 🇳🇿 with my sister.
Nightwish (January 2013) in Auckland 🇳🇿 with my now husband.
Devilskin (September 2015) in Hamilton 🇳🇿 with my high school bestie and her husband.
Devilskin (March 2016) in Cologne 🇩🇪 with my husband.
Steel Panther (October 2016) in Tilburg 🇳🇱 with my former Dutch bestie and a mutual friend.
Amon Amarth (November 2016) in Tilburg 🇳🇱 with my husband.
Rotting Christ (November 2016) in Nijmegen 🇳🇱 with my husband.
Devin Townsend (March 2017) in Tilburg 🇳🇱 with my husband.
Devilskin (March 2017) in Düsseldorf 🇩🇪 with my husband.
Rotting Christ (June 2017) in Arnhem 🇳🇱 with my husband, his work friend and work friend’s brother.
Devin Townsend (July 2017) in Eindhoven 🇳🇱 with my husband and his work friend.
Devin Townsend (September 2017) in Plovdiv 🇧🇬 with my husband.
Stam1na (October 2017) in Amstelveen 🇳🇱 with my husband.
Steel Panther (February 2018) in Tilburg 🇳🇱 with my husband and two of his work friends.
Rotting Christ (February 2018) in Arnhem 🇳🇱 with my husband.
Halestorm & Devilskin (October 2018) in Tilburg 🇳🇱 with my husband and his work friend.
Devin Townsend (April 2019) in Haarlem 🇳🇱 with my husband.
Sumo Cyco (November 2019) in Manchester 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 by myself.
Electric Callboy (March 2023) in Tilburg 🇳🇱 with a new friend.

🤞🏻 Upcoming

None. Fuck COVID.

😢 Cancelled/Couldn’t Go

Nova Twins (11/22) 🇳🇱
One Morning Left (10/22) 🇳🇱
Electric Callboy (09/22) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Devilskin (04/20) 🇳🇱
Nova Twins (03/20) 🇳🇱
Devin Townsend (11/19) 🇳🇱
Lamb of God (06/19) 🇳🇱
HIM (12/18) 🇳🇱
Little Mix (06/17) 🇳🇱

🪄 Wishlist

Again: Sumo Cyco, Electric Callboy, Devilskin, Rotting Christ.
Active: Conquer Divide, Nova Twins, One Morning Left, HANABIE., Delilah Bon, Scene Queen, In Flames, Fall Out Boy, Kesha.
Not active, but maybe?: Strapping Young Lad, The Haunted with Dolving, Little Mix.
Never gonna happen: Pantera with Dimebag.