Darnielle Sarjant

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Last updated: 25th May 2023 @ 9:33 pm

Contact & FAQ

Have a question for me or just want to reach out? Great! Here's how you can get in touch and the answers to some of the questions you may have.

  • If you have a question for me, it may already be answered in the FAQs or on the Ask Me Anything page, but you’re absolutely welcome to ask for clarification if you need it!
  • If you want to contact me via social media, the only service I currently actively use is Mastodon.
  • If you prefer to email me directly, or the form doesn’t work for any reason, my address is i.amdarniellesarjant.com.
  • I am generally quick to respond to emails, but if I haven’t responded within 48 hours, please feel free to follow up!


    Are you Darnielle/Nellie from *insert blog here*?

    As mentioned on my about page, I have been around on the internet since the late 90s, so yes, it’s entirely possible that I am the Darnielle/Nellie you remember from blogs past. Some of my more popular blogs included Met Moxie, Harlequimsy, Spectacjuular, Nelliebolical, Harlequin Girl, Choleric, She Fades Away, Piratepunk and Ev3nstar.

    I have an issue with something you’ve said. What can I do about it?

    Between being neurodivergent and having opinions don’t closely align with any single ideology, I tend to say stuff that doesn’t match up with other things I’ve previously said or stuff that just comes off ~wrong~. But PLEASE, talk to me about it! I am constantly learning and growing, and I’m open to the idea that I may be wrong about something. I also hate being misunderstood so I would love the chance to explain myself a little better.

    Can you help me with a mental health/psychology problem?

    It depends on the problem. I am not a registered psychologist so I can’t help with the diagnosis or treatment of anything, but I can definitely offer advice and/or point you in the direction of someone who can help. I can also totally help with psychology as a subject. If you’re unsure, please don’t be scared to ask. I will do my best to help!

    Where did you get this theme?

    I built it myself but because I hard-coded functions and features custom to me, I don’t offer it as a downloadable pre-made theme for others to use. However, if you’re interested in making something similar for your own website, you are more than welcome to view the source code.

    How did you do *insert website feature here*?

    If you want to know how I did something and you can’t work it out just from viewing my source code, I am totally happy to share my code! Just don’t ask for the entire theme because I won’t be giving you that.

    What fonts are you using for this theme?

    The body text is Inter, the headings and monospace elements are Fira Mono, the emoji are Noto Color, and the icons are FontAwesome.

    What do you take photos with?

    The camera on my Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro phone.

    Who do you host your blog with?

    Namecheap. I know there’s some kind of ~rule~ that you shouldn’t let your domain registrar also host your website, but Namecheap’s hosting packages are suited to my needs, reliable, and it’s great to be able to manage everything related to my domains in one control panel.