Today, I am disappointed in the web revival scene. I was so excited when I found it (Neocities/Yesterweb) because I thought that, maybe… just maybe, I would find somewhere I felt like I belonged again. But it hasn’t felt like that at all.

Only one person has made any effort to befriend me, and while one is better than none, it really sucks to feel like there’s something wrong with me because so few people seem interested in conversing with me when I used to have a big circle of internet friends who I would spend hours a day talking to. I miss that so fucking much.

I know it’s my fault for being the loser whose disabilities stopped her from becoming a proper adult and moving on from personal websites and blogging like I should have, but I still thought there might have been new friendships to be made in the revival scene. I guess I was wrong.

I’m still going to keep this website going because I love working on it, but I’ve just got to get used to the lack of interaction. Social media ruined socialisation, I swear to fuck.