We’re going to Spain tomorrow for my brother-in-law’s wedding. To be honest, I’m not really looking forward to it. We only just got rid of summer here in the Netherlands and now I gotta go back to it for a few days?! Rude. And although Spain is “set up” for heat, the place we’re staying is an old rural villa that doesn’t even have internet… so I don’t imagine it’s going to have any form of cooling.

Also, My BIL is a very different person from my husband. Like, it’s amazing that they even grew up together with how different they are. This means his friend group is quite different to us too. We met a lot of them during their engagement party. Although they’re super friendly and nice, they’re not “my kind of people”, yanno.

I’m also worried about the likelihood of catching COVID again via the travel because I’m still dealing with my last infection and I highly doubt I’ll be okay with catching it again.

We dropped our dogs off to the kennel today, and I already miss them. I actually really dread the day we need to go back to New Zealand because there’s absolutely no way we can do less than two weeks for that amount of travel. That long without my doggies and that long for them without us?! PLZ NO.

But, to be less of a Negative Nellie about the whole thing, we get to see our niece who we’ve not seen since 2018. She was born shortly before we left NZ, and was only 4 when we visited last. She’s almost 8 now, and from what I can tell, a smart cookie.

I am also looking forward to the food! We’re gonna be close to the coast, so I’m hoping for some fresh af paella. And of course, tapas. The original girl dinner! I’m not too keen on waiting until 8pm for dinner though. We usually eat at 5:45pm. 😬