I got my teeth cleaned this morning. I was expecting to be told off again because I suck at routine (thanks ADHD!) and although my brushing habits have improved since I started treatment, they’re still not great. BUT the hygienist said she was impressed with them compared to last time and I’m doing well. So that’s good news. I still suck, but not as much as I used to suck so 👍🏻.

I spent the rest of my day working on my portfolio. Should I ever get back into offering my web design services, I’ll be directing people over there. It’s actually kind of interesting to see how basic my design style got over the years because I was following trends and avoiding “cringe” design, but now I think I’m going to focus on making what I like, but in a mostly accessible and modern way. I am already thinking about what else I could make, but I really need to pay more attention to my chronic illness & ADHD website now that I have my basic web presence sorted.

Although my sleep was shitty yet again last night, I am actually feeling surprisingly okay today. I’ve not had a proper uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep since last Saturday, so I’ve been a bit grumpy. It kinda sucks that my husband will keep asking me if I’ve taken my meds when I am grumpy though, as if that’s the only reason I could be grumpy! Neurotypical people are assholes on fuck all sleep too!!!

My server seems to be running really slowly right now, but I still had a few things I wanted to do before I walked the dogs. I guess it’s telling me it’s time to back away from the computer. I guess I’ll oblige.