Hey there, Journal. Long time no write. Things kind of turned to absolute shit after we returned from Spain and I had to take a very long break from… life in general. Here’s a run-down of what happened to cause me to retreat from the internet for almost a month now. Wow.

After we returned from Spain, I made the incredibly poor decision to test whether my birth control was contributing to my health issues. All it did was make me remember why I was on it in the first place. Endometriosis really isn’t something to fuck around with, and if you’re one of the lucky ones who can manage it with birth control (like me), don’t ever stop taking it. Not only was it incredibly painful, my ADHD meds stopped working so I wasn’t able to deal with the hormonal bullshit that came with it all. So I’m back on the BC and if it’s making my health issues worse than they need to be, let it.

During that time, I also started on nortriptyline for nerve pain, and I had high hopes for it actually helping when I wasn’t experiencing any side effects a week in and was sleeping better. But then my darling dogs decided to really throw a spanner in the works by causing me to fall quite violently during a walk and mess up my knee.

Thankfully, it was only soft tissue damage which will take far less time than a break, tear or dislocation would to heal, but it’s basically my entire lower leg that is bruised up and it’s still extremely painful (even 6 days later). I haven’t had a really good night’s sleep since and sitting at my desk is a challenge because I can’t put my leg out straight.

I also fell ill with a cold or something yesterday, but it seems to have only been a 24-hour thing. I’m feeling better today.

But with one thing on top of another, I have just been THROUGH IT and it’s hard to care about updating my website. I might disappear for some time again, but I felt bad for disappearing for such a long time.