I am seriously struggling with my sleep right now. I’m apparently getting “enough” sleep, but it’s low quality and constantly interrupted by my social butterfly of a husband returning, my Satan spawn of a dog, my bladder, and my brain’s strong love of REM sleep. Add to that the absolutely fucking disgusting humidity and the mild but noticeable amount of pain I’m in, and it’s like “Sleep? More like waste 7.5 hours doing something that does nothing to help you!”.

I mean, it does help a little because I am still able to make it through the day, but that’s basically about all I’ve been doing. Making it through the day with a sprinkle of fun stuff here and there to keep the dopamine up. I really do appreciate that my ADHD meds are managing to keep my mental health chugging along, but the lack of decent sleep means they do NOTHING for my executive function.

My physical health still sucks as well. I WANT to move so bad, but every time I do, I feel like I’m drowning. Not only because my heart is fucked from the COVID and three years of declining fitness, but also because it’s so goddamn humid that even just an easy 20 min stroll is causing me to feel like I’m being dunked in a hot tub. It just sucks!

I really just want to feel reasonable again. It doesn’t even have to be good. Just… well enough to do the bare minimum.