Spain ended up being a lot more enjoyable than expected! It was warm, but not too warm (26 high, but lovely breezes), and my travel adrenaline/ADHD medication did an excellent job at keeping me from feeling drained even though I averaged only 6 hours of sleep each night we were there.

The place we stayed was great. It was a big old Spanish manor with a pool that I freakin’ loved. Any way I can move my body without pain is much appreciated! The bed wasn’t super comfortable, and made for teeny tiny Spanish people (I’m a huge binch, and Sam’s “muy alto!”).

The wedding was amazing too. It was so well put together and full of personality, and although the music wasn’t really my cup of tea (except for a small rap interlude with No Diggity, California Love and Lose Yourself), I was dancing most of the night.

I loved spending time with our niece too. She’s so smart and funny, and provided a lot of entertainment.

And the food was top notch. Cuttlefish! Calamari! Spanish bacon! Spanish tortilla! Fish croquettes! But I didn’t get to have any paella, which I expected to find everywhere but apparently not. But it was nice to get a fair bit of seafood down my gullet. I really missed good seafood. Growing up in New Zealand really ruined me for seafood in the Netherlands. 😂

We may even go back! We found out that there’s actually a top rated theme park near Tarragona after we came back, so of course, that’s something Sam and I would love to check out.