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My intentions for this page is to share anything my imposter syndrome thinks is good enough for others to use. Right now, there's not a lot here, but what is here is free for the taking! Just be sure not to hotlink.

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Here are a few little coding tricks I've used for this website that I'd love to share with you.

Web Badges

I take requests for these! Email me:

Forum/LJ Icons

These are some icons I was able to salvage from my time as an icon maker on LiveJournal.


I made a font of my own handwriting. You might like it...

Sims 4 CC

My personal collection of t-shirts for sim me. Modelled after shirts I own in RL. You may want them for your own sims? Click on the image to download the package file.

The "Sever vs." series of Sumo Cyco tees for women.
The "Sever vs." series of Sumo Cyco tees for men.
A collection of my favourite shirts: Ziltoid for President, rainbow Baphomet, Harley Quinn, Sunshine and Happiness For All pentagram, Devin Townsend's Empath dogs, Stam1na gore, Devilskin NZ flag skull, and Rotting Christ Hellenic Black Metal Legions (for women only).
A collection of my favourite shirts: Sumo Cyco lighter, Electric Callboy All Night Long, Electric Callboy lightswitch, Nova Twins zombie, One Morning Left black metal sloth, Madam Mim (for women only).