Gratitude Log

Things I'm thankful for today

As a recovering Negative Nellie, I have taken up the practice of identifying at least one thing that I appreciate every day. I will never be one of those "toxic positivity" types, but it is nice to take a moment to realise that it's not all doom and gloom.

September 2023

25th: A stress-free travel day
24th: No "hangover" from the late night
23rd: Seeing my BIL and S get married!
22nd: The pool at our accommodation
21st: Dogs not being too upset after being dropped at the kennel
20th: New hair! (Got the side shave I'd been wanting forever!)
19th: Home movies of my husband
18th: Binge watching
17th: Cute dogs
16th: My mum
15th: Colouring
14th: Conquer Divide
13th: My husband
12th: Electric Callboy
11th: Last day of the heatwave!
10th: Doing stuff for others
9th: Hyperfocus
8th: No PEM!
7th: My NZ iTunes account (early music releases!)
6th: Feeling useful!
5th: The house staying cool even though it's ridiculously hot out again
4th: Not having money issues
3rd: A nice day before the heat comes back
2nd: Painkillers
1st: The Sims

August 2023

31st: ADHD meds working as they should!
30th: Dopamine
29th: Moose's feet 😍
28th: Writing focus!
27th: Carthartic realisations
26th: Talented phlebotomists
25th: Internet shopping
24th: Caffeine-free cola
23rd: Jellybeans!
22nd: Compliments on my improved teeth cleaning habits from the dental hygienist!
21st: Burger for dinner
20th: The humidity isn't so bad today