Journal: 2 Feb 2024

❣️ Mood of the Day: potated
🍽️ Food of the Day: potatoes
🎼 Song of the Day: Kesha - Potato Song (Cuz I Want To)
🪄 Activity of the Day: thinking about having to give up potatoes

I just got back from getting the psoriasis on my legs checked out by my doctor because it just wasn’t clearing up like it usually did. I’ve had one patch for almost a year now. Turns out that this may be a bigger issue than I thought. Who’d have thunk that treating my ADHD which lessened my health anxiety would turn out to be a bad thing?! 😂

Hopefully, the patches clear up with steroidal treatment, because it could be a sign of something more serious like fat-ass metabolic syndrome or something else I need to make another trip to the rheumatologist for. I don’t think it is metabolic syndrome because my blood pressure is low and my fasting glucose was optimal the last time I was checked a few months ago, but I am struggling with belly weight so who really knows?

I just wish I could get a break from all these damn health problems. I literally do everything I can to be healthy, but they still happen. I meet the recommended “active minutes” every week. I drink 3L+ of water a day. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol or caffeine. I sleep 7-8 hours every night, and most nights get enough deep sleep. My only real vice is food, but even then, I just don’t think I eat THAT badly. I like my treats, but I eat my 5+ a day and avoid red meat.

I know that I may have to look into giving up nightshades for my immune system/inflammation, and that would actually be okay if potatoes weren’t a freakin’ nightshade! Haha. Tomatoes give me reflux, so I don’t mind giving up those, and aubergine and capsicum wouldn’t be a huge loss from my diet, but potatoes?!

I guess we’ll see what happens, but now all I’m worried about is the potatoes.


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