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Entries from Feb 2024

16 Feb 2024

I had another doctor’s appointment yesterday to see if I could get any help with the symptoms I think may be indicative of POTS. I honestly don’t think she knew what the hell POTS is, but after taking my blood pressure (which was low), she did think it could be orthostatic hypotension as a result […]

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10 Feb 2024

Everything kinda sucks right now. My health has been epically shit for weeks now and I keep trying to pretend like it’s not so bad, but it really, really is. I’m pretty sure it’s POTS, but it could be dangerous to just assume that and start eating a lot of salt so if I want […]

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6 Feb 2024

I had a really rough weekend. After my trip to the doctor on Friday, my Saturday was spent feeling the normal amount of blegh I usually feel after doing something ~more~ than I usually do, but by the time the evening rolled around, I was really unwell. While I was making dinner, my heart rate […]

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2 Feb 2024

I just got back from getting the psoriasis on my legs checked out by my doctor because it just wasn’t clearing up like it usually did. I’ve had one patch for almost a year now. Turns out that this may be a bigger issue than I thought. Who’d have thunk that treating my ADHD which […]

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