Journal: 31 Jan 2024

❣️ Mood of the Day: self-deprecating
🍽️ Food of the Day: pinda smikkels (peanut puffs)
🎼 Song of the Day: Sumo Cyco - We Are the Nation
🪄 Activity of the Day: writing!

I am feeling a little bit sorry for myself today. Yesterday was particularly bad for me in terms of a bunch of little things going wrong* causing a build-up of frustration, so when I woke up this morning with a headache, it was so easy to slip right into a foul mood.

But by the time I had let my ADHD medication and the painkillers kick in, hydrated and took the dogs for their walk, I felt much better. That was until I started to think about how my unmedicated reaction to the headache following a bad day™ was to be a grumpy bitch and got stuck on that instead.

Mr Lovenstein meme with four panels. The first says "On a good day" with a character about to spill a cup of coffee.
The second has the character shrugging next to the spilt coffee with a speech bubble saying "Eh, it happens".
The third says "On a bad day" with the character about to spill a cup of coffee.
The fourth has the character in a "tantrum" position on the floor in a puddle of tears next to the spilt coffee cup with a speech bubble saying "I can't take this anymore!!"

I feel like I deserve a break from my own brain at this point.

* My server went down in the middle of trying to publish a blog post, my HelloFresh delivery came with a split-open carton of coconut milk which also ruined the lentils in that meal, I burnt the paneer, I spilt apple juice everywhere, and I took a very painful shot to the crotch from my overexcited dog.


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