Journal: 6 Feb 2024

❣️ Mood of the Day: sad
🍽️ Food of the Day: I've yet to eat!
🎼 Song of the Day: One Morning Left - Emerald Dragon
🪄 Activity of the Day: resting

I had a really rough weekend. After my trip to the doctor on Friday, my Saturday was spent feeling the normal amount of blegh I usually feel after doing something ~more~ than I usually do, but by the time the evening rolled around, I was really unwell.

While I was making dinner, my heart rate spiked and left me feeling nauseous and tired, so I didn’t even eat dinner and went straight to bed. At some point, I started to worry that I was having emergency symptoms because the left side of my chest and arm were hurting.

But because this has happened before and I was fine, I only called the after-hours GP instead of 112. When I heard that I was NINETEENTH in the queue, I decided to just wait it out and call 112 if I literally felt like I was dying. I’m pretty sure this is going to be what kills me in the end, but I eventually managed to get to sleep.

Sunday was spent entirely in bed just trying to rest because clearly, my body was fed up with… sitting at my computer all day? (🙄) and I was starting to feel better by the afternoon. I hadn’t eaten since lunchtime Saturday, so I ordered a poke bowl with a side of maki for dinner then went back to bed.

Monday, I was okay-ish. I spent the morning in bed after walking the dogs, but I eventually got bored of that (which is why resting is so damn hard for me) and got up to play RDR2 for a few hours. I was able to make dinner without any heart rate spikes and enjoy an episode of The Americans with my husband.

Today, I’m still in a fair bit of pain and my head feels like a balloon, but I start my new job tomorrow so I’m going to keep “resting” as much as I can, but it’s likely going to be less restful than it needs to be because groceries are also coming today. Being chronically ill in a bad patch of health really fuckin’ sucks.


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