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18th May 2023
I am procrastinating, so here are my six favourite (recently released) tracks at the moment. Enjoy! Electric Callboy – Fire & Forgive I really do not like power metal, but for whatever reason, this cover of a Powerwolf song (which was done for the deluxe version of their new album, Interludium) absolutely slaps. I think […]
14th May 2023
I stayed up stupidly late last night to watch Eurovision and it basically ruined my Sunday, so let’s talk about it, shall we? First of all, it starts way too fucking late for a 4+ hour show that children also watch. I think it should be done by midnight in either the latest timezone (excluding […]
2nd May 2023
Because it seems that spring also makes wappie bullshit grow like weeds, a fresh batch of anti-climate and anti-government stickers have popped up around our neighbourhood. It’s so fucking frustrating that this stuff has basically become a majority opinion and I have to be reminded of the absolute smoothbrains I live amongst every time I […]