I am procrastinating, so here are my six favourite (recently released) tracks at the moment. Enjoy!

Electric Callboy – Fire & Forgive

I really do not like power metal, but for whatever reason, this cover of a Powerwolf song (which was done for the deluxe version of their new album, Interludium) absolutely slaps. I think the things I like about Electric Callboy just turn it from a power metal song into a whatever the fuck Electric Callboy are song. And it’s just, šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ³šŸ’‹.

Conquer Divide – welcome2paradise

I have been in love with Conquer Divide since I read that they were collaborating with Electric Callboy before Fuckboi was released, but their latest track is just amazing. The lyrics hit me right in the feels (it’s about climate change and capitalism), and it’s just musically fantastic with great use of vocals.

Teya & Salena – Who the Hell Is Edgar?

You’d be forgiven if you thought Cha Cha Cha would be the song I loved the most from this year’s Eurovision, but nope. It’s definitely this banger! OH MIO PADRE! THERE’S A GHOST IN MY BODY! They were done so freakin’ dirty by the televotes. I will die on this hill. But also, listen to it on Spotify so they can buy more gas station champagne.

Fall Out Boy – What a Time To Be Alive

This song reminds me so much of my mum, so naturally, I’m gonna love it. I described it as “beats for her, lyrics for me” when I sent it to her to listen to when it was released. It has a major 80s bop vibe, and again, the lyrics hit me right in the feels.

Samurai Pizza Cats ft. Nico Sallach – Pizza Homicide

Although I don’t agree with the premise of this song (pineapples DO belong on pizza!), this is a fun as hell metalcore song about… killing someone over pineapple on pizza.

HANABIE. – Pardon Me, I Have To Go Now

I am really happy BABYMETAL became a thing, because it paved the way for bands like HANABIE. who are more my speed. Chaotic, heavy but totally sweet Japanese goodness!