I stayed up stupidly late last night to watch Eurovision and it basically ruined my Sunday, so let’s talk about it, shall we?

First of all, it starts way too fucking late for a 4+ hour show that children also watch. I think it should be done by midnight in either the latest timezone (excluding Australia), or at least the timezone with the most viewers (so, CET). Yes, this would mean that if Iceland was hosting, it would have to start at 6pm their time, but I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

And now to the meat of it all:

  • Finland should have won – The public pays to vote, yet the value of these votes are equal to the juries. That’s not okay. The difference between the public vote for Finland and Sweden was so massive that it just seems unfair that it didn’t matter in the end. Not a single country gave Sweden 12 points in the televote.
  • Sweden’s song was… fine – Euphoria was the absolute deserving winner in 2012, and Loreen is talented as hell. But Tattoo was not Euphoria. It was boring, and according to my TikTok For You today, very similar to a lot of other songs.
  • But Cha Cha Cha isn’t extremely original either – Acknowledging this as an Electric Callboy fan. Cha Cha Cha sounds like other songs too. I’m not denying this. But it was still way more unique than Tattoo.
  • Jury voting seems mighty rigged – Being that next year is ABBA’s 50th anniversary of winning with Waterloo, it really seems as though juries purposely pushed for Sweden to get so many points it would have been impossible for anyone else to win with the popular vote. It wouldn’t have made sense to celebrate ABBA in Finland.
  • Germany was unfairly let down again – Blood and Glitter is a great song, on par with Hard Rock Hallelujah in my opinion. But at this point, it seems like we’re just punishing Germany for being Germany regardless of whether they send a better song than previous years.
  • I appreciate the public telling the juries to shove it in regards to Norway – Queen of Kings SCREAMS Eurovision to me, and Alessandra is fantastic. I’m glad she managed to make Top 5 even though the juries tried to lock her out.
  • The public did Austria and Australia SO dirty! – The juries ranked both of those songs quite fairly, but the public were like “actually no…”. I can’t be too mad because they got it right with Finland, but damn. Who the Hell is Edgar? is the only track I’ve added to my favourite songs playlist, and Promise had some Devin Townsend-y bits that I LOVED.
  • Why is Israel still participating if Russia and Belarus aren’t allowed? – I know much of Europe don’t recognise Palestine as a country, but… war is war. If you don’t acknowledge Palestine, then you’re supporting the genocide of ones own countrymen. That’s fucked up! Also, Israel’s entry was overrated.
  • I’m confused about Italy’s placement – I can’t even remember Italy’s song. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Shout out to Czechia, Ukraine and Belgium – Also good songs in my opinion. And big ups Czechia (and Iceland) giving Germany some jury points!