What I'm up to...

The idea for this page is from NowNowNow. It is essentially a "big picture" snapshot of my life as of now (or at least the date I last updated this page 😉).

Last Updated: 25th August 2023.

I am working on writing for Brokedown Body, Moshpit Mind and my blog, and taking care of the dogs.

I have yet to make a start on the exercises given to me by my physiotherapist because I am really lacking energy. I can't do much more than just walking the dogs. But I am still determined to get fit again.

I am waiting to find out the extent of the hearing loss I've suffered from my COVID infection in March. I am also considering the possibility that COVID gave me/exacerbated POTS symptoms.

My ADHD medication is working well, and I although I am frustrated by my lack of energy and motivation, I feel like I am handling it well in my head.

I still haven't been sleeping well, and my eating habits remain really weird. I think I've been doing what they call "girl dinner" instead of feeding myself properly.

I am still concerned about the usual things: the pandemic, climate change, war, the impending election, but I can easily ignore them when I need to now!

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