Welcome to my Dreamlight Valley shrine!

Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation adventure game in which you work with Disney characters to restore the valley after a curse caused everyone in the valley to lose their memories.

Very basically, you complete quests with/for each character to increase your friendship level and in return, characters will help you with tasks including mining, gardening, fishing, foraging and digging. These tasks help you get the materials you need to make meals, craft furniture and quest items, and give gifts to your friends in the valley. You also complete tasks to gain Dreamlight (the source of your magic), Star Coins (in-game currency) and Moonstones (premium currency).

I own both the base game and the expansion pack, A Rift in Time.

How I Got Into DDV

I got a bit of FOMO during the whole Animal Crossing: New Horizons craze but I couldn't justify buying a Switch just to play, so I tried playing Stardew Valley for a while. It just didn't tickle my pickle, but I had heard about this other Valley game, but with Disney characters. I started playing at the end of 2022, and never stopped!

Like with all games I play, I have played this one through multiple times even though new content is added almost monthly. After learning new tricks, it's always fun to go back to the start and play it in a smarter way!

What I Love About DDV

My Character & Home

My Favourite Characters

Characters I Hope to See Added

Madam Mim (unlikely) and Archimedes
Timon & Pumba (confirmed)
Aladdin, Jasmine and/or Genie
Daisy Duck

My Favourite Places & Homes