Welcome to my Electric Callboy shrine!

I came across Electric Callboy a few days after they released their single "Pump It" in December 2021. I think the reason I had not discovered them sooner was because I have a particular aversion to "metalcore" as a genre, so I likely assumed that EC was not my cup of tea and never bothered to give them a proper listen. But as I later found out, they're not just straight up metalcore. They blend metalcore with electronic music and a kick-ass sense of humour.

I saw them live in March 2023. It was well worth the COVID I got afterwards, and the likelihood I'll never see them live again now that they're arena popular. I hate arenas!

About the Band

Formerly known as: Eskimo Callboy.
From: Castrop-Rauxel, Germany.
Established: 2010.
Genres: Electronicore, metalcore.
Labels: Century Media (2017-now), Spinefarm Records (2015), Redfield Records (2010-2014).

Bury Me in Vegas 2012
We Are the Mess 2014
Crystals 2015
The Scene 2018
Rehab 2019
Tekkno 2022

Current Members
Nico Sallach [Vocals] (Since 2020)
Kevin Ratajczak [Vocals, Keyboards] (Since 2010)
Daniel "Danskimo" Haniß [Lead Guitar] (Since 2010)
Pascal Schillo [Rhythm Guitar] (Since 2010)
Daniel Klossek [Bass] (Since 2010)
David-Karl Friedrich [Drums] (Since 2012)

Previous Members
Sebastian "Sushi" Biesler [Vocals] (2010-2020)
Michael "Micha" Malitzki [Drums] (2010-2012)

My Favourite Songs

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My Favourite Music Video

Previous Line-ups