Welcome to my Kevin Smith shrine!

Kevin Smith is an American filmmaker and producer. He is most well-known for his comedy films in the View Askewniverse, named after his production company, View Askew. But he has also written and directed a number of films outside of this universe and the comedy genre.

I became a fan of Kevin after seeing Dogma in 1999. The way he tells stories is very ~me~, combining a sense of humour with a good heart and some really well-written monologues. Some of his stuff is just straight up wacky, which I also really appreciate!

Kevin's (Film) Work

Clerks 1994 Comedy
Kevin's first film (and also the first in the View Askewniverse) about friends and convenience store co-workers Dante and Randall, and Dante's relationships.

Mallrats 1995 Comedy
The second Kevin Smith film in the View Askewniverse about the day in the life of two recently dumped teenagers hanging out in a mall.

Chasing Amy 1997 Comedy
The third film in the View Askewniverse about a comic book artist who falls in love with a lesbian and puts his career and friendship in jeopardy.

Dogma 1999 Comedy
Film number four in the View Askewniverse about a woman tasked with stopping two fallen angels from bringing about the end of the world.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001 Comedy
Recurring View Askewniverse characters Jay and Silent Bob travel to Hollywood to try and stop a film based on their comic book characters being made.

Jersey Girl 2004 Dramedy
The first of Kevin's films not set in the View Askewniverse about a father who has to step up to the challenge of caring for his daughter as a single parent.

Clerks II 2006 Comedy
The first of two sequels to Clerks following the lives of Dante and Randall a decade later... and Dante's relationships.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno 2008 Comedy
The second non-View Askewniverse Kevin Smith film that is basically what it says on the box. Roommates Zack and Miri make a pornographic film to make money.

Cop Out 2010 Action comedy
A non-View Askewniverse Kevin Smith buddy cop movie that feels so out of place with the rest of his work due to the fact he didn't write it. It's bad. Don't watch it.

Red State 2011 Horror/Thriller
Another non-View Askewniverse Kevin Smith film, but in a good way! It's about a group of teenage boys who get catfished into a situation involving a religious cult.

Jay & Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie 2013 Comedy
An animated adventure featuring Jay and Silent Bob from the View Askewniverse where they win the lottery and become crime-fighting superheroes.

Tusk 2014 Horror comedy
The first in a trilogy named "True North", a podcast host goes to Canada to interview a meme sensation but ends up in a situation involving walruses.

Yoga Hosers 2016 Horror comedy
The second "True North" film about two teenage girls who work at a convenience store and, uh... Nazis. I don't know how else to describe it without spoiling.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot 2019 Comedy
Back to the View Askewniverse, Jay and Silent Bob need to travel to a fan convention to get the rights to their names back.

Clerks III 2022 Dramedy
The second of two sequels to Clerks following the lives of Dante and Randall two decades later... and Dante's relationships 😭.

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Other Work

Although my interest in Kevin's work is really just for his films, he's also a professional talker with numerous podcasts (hosted by his own podcasting network), a writer for other movies, TV shows and comic books; a comic book store owner, and an actor having made a number of appearances on projects that aren't his own.