Sumo Cyco
Photo by Jeremy Saffer.

Welcome to my Sumo Cyco shrine!

I discovered Sumo Cyco in 2017 during their co-headline tour of the UK with a local (New Zealand) favourite of mine, Devilskin. They very quickly climbed the ranks to become my favourite band because of their ability to combine pop hooks with heavy music in a way that hits me right in the dopamines. Additionally, the aesthetic of the band is just πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³πŸ’‹, combining colour with a little bit of darkness.

I have only had the opportunity to see them live once so far (in November 2019), but they tour the UK fairly often outside of pandemic-times, so I am definitely going to see them again next time they make it over here.

About the Band

From: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Established: 2011.
Genres: Alternative metal, pop, pop punk, rock, dancehall.
Labels: Napalm Records (2020-now), independent (2011-2020).

Lost in Cyco City 2014
Opus Mar 2017
Initiation 2021

Current Members
Skye "Sever" Sweetnam* [Vocals] (Since 2011)
Matt "MD13" Drake [Guitar] (Since 2011)
Oscar Anesetti [Bass] (Since 2018)
Joey Muha [Drums] (Since 2021)

Previous Members
Matt Trozzi [Drums] (2016-2021)
Ken "Thor" Corke [Bass] (2011-2018)
Andy "Wolf" Joseph [Drums] (2013-2016)
Ryan "Legs" Leger [Drums] (2011-2013)

* - Yes, THAT Skye Sweetnam.

My Favourite Songs

If any songs are missing from this playlist, they may not be available in your country.

My Favourite Music Video

Previous Line-ups