These are all the things I have done to (hopefully!) make this website accessible to everyone. If any of these listed items are not working correctly, please let me know so I can fix them ASAP.

  • Works on any device at any screen size
  • Dark and light mode options, which also remove the busy background on the default theme (with JavaScript)
  • Semantic and keyboard-navigable HTML
  • Text and link colours pass contrast checks, and links are underlined and change on hover
  • Text is scalable
  • JavaScript is not required but is used for: theme switching, slide-down navigation, “back to top” button, tagline generator, auto copying of URLs to share blog entries and notes, pausing GIFs, jukebox in the sidebar, AJAX on forms, and cookie consent banner
  • Alt text on all non-decorative images
  • Descriptive link text where possible
  • Large blocks of GIFs can be paused (with JavaScript)
  • Back to top button becomes visible on scroll (with JavaScript) or is available in the footer
  • No auto-playing music or videos
  • Images are automatically converted to .webp format and lazy-loaded (with JavaScript) for speedy load times

If you have any comments or questions about accessibility on this website, please feel free to reach out.