Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some questions you may have about this website. Have a question that hasn’t been answered here or want further clarification? Email me!

What’s with the narcissism, lady?

I know, I know. This site is heavy on the “about me” and doesn’t have so much for those of you visiting, but that’s because my self-involvement does not stop me from experiencing a ridiculous level of impostor syndrome. I find it difficult to share anything that I spent any decent amount of time making, even if it’s really good, without feeling like it’s rubbish and no one is going to want to use it/find it helpful.

I’m working on it though and hopefully, this website will grow to include a more extensive For You and Learn section.

Why do you use WordPress?

It’s because I am a lazy oaf. The initial version of this website was all HTML files and FTP uploads which was tedious and a bit of a buzzkill when it came to updating. I knew I needed to use a content management system of some kind, but I did not want to learn a new system when I was already familiar and comfortable with WordPress.

WordPress also has a lot of cool features and plugins that would have otherwise needed a bunch of extra work to implement and I’ve already mentioned how lazy I am, right?

Don’t let the WordPress of it all fool you though. I know it’s assumed that WordPress is “cheating” in the old/small/personal web space, but I coded this theme by hand from scratch. No pre-made themes were butchered in the making of this website.

Why do you use/support [insert product/company here]?

It’s either more affordable, more accessible, or involves a tremendous amount of effort that my ADHD doesn’t wish to share with me to switch to something else. Or I simply just prefer it. I am more willing to switch from something that’s just a personal preference if I really cannot stand the idea of supporting it though.

I’m also one of those annoying “there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism” types who believes in doing what I can where I can without causing myself unnecessary frustration.

Why don’t you have a guestbook or a chatbox?

Personal preference. They just don’t strike me as the best way to reach out to someone. I have a contact page and an ask me anything page instead (which is anonymous). You can also comment on my blog, journal and notes.

Why do you use your real name?

It’s actually an ADHD thing. I have a terrible habit of bouncing around different websites/usernames because I get bored quickly. I really wanted to stop doing that so it just made sense to go with a name I can’t change on a whim because it’s MY NAME. Plus, I ❤ my name!